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Sweatman 's vaudeville show.

Not enjoying vaudeville work, they quit, couldn't find other work and went home. Later that year, Thomas A. When that job didn't pan out, they struggled to survive. With Ada "Bricktop" Smith 's help, they were hired at the Exclusive Club, with Elmer as leader, their first known night club residency.

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The group made its first record and appeared on radio inand were soon working at the Hollywood. Qant left that winter and Ellington soon became the leader.

Fred Guy was hired on banjo in and the band began record-making in earnest later that year, even appearing Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs a silent film in In and they played in musical theatre pits on top of their club work and in the fall of Ellington met Irving Millswho was so important in developing Ellington's career.

Harry Carney joined in mid and stayed the rest of his life; in tonigt bassist Wellman Braud replaced tubist Mack Shaw and Rudy Jackson came in. They even Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs a Beautiful adult want seduction Brookings South Dakota, Ellsworth Reynoldsto conduct them in pit work and at the Cotton Club in late They left the Cotton Club in the summer of to tour the northeast and midwest states en route to Hollywood to be in the Amos 'n' Andy movie Check and Double Check.

They did a short theatre run back in New York in September, before relieving Cab Calloway at the Cotton Club in the middle of the month.

In earlythey checked out of the Cotton Club to begin an 18 week theatre tour, and never looked back. Duke travelled the world wnat his sidemen and singers, many being stars in their own right, until he died in He once told his grand-daughter home is where the work is, on the road. His life reflects that.

His Sexy bbw in the skc area life and travels are both fascinating and mind-boggling, aife I first became aware of when I purchased Dr. Klaus Stratemann 's comprehensive and well-documented Duke Ellington, Day by Day and Film by Film" Stratemann "covering Ellington's life from until his Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs. People study Ellington's life for many reasons, and a time line provides context. At the urging of Swedish record producer and researcher Carl A.

I am grateful to our small international teamfor their participation, help and encouragement in this project, and in particular Ken Steiner and Steven Lasker for sharing their extensive research and for the work they've Sweet into checking and clarifying our Drifgs.

Stratemann Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs a great deal on Steven's research and assistance when writing his book, and both Ken and Steven have been very involved with developing this webpage, identifying mistakes and offering a great many new entries and clarifications.

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This "evergreen" project will never be complete, but I think it's ready to be used by researchers and anyone else interested in Duke's life. New information, additional references and corrections are welcome. While submissions in the format suggested here are easiest for me to work wjfe, I am happy to receive them any way they come.

Entries in this colour are Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs listed in the August version of Mr. Session information is primarily from New Desor or http: Since this is not a discography, I only Lawrenceville PA sexy women song titles once in a session, even if there were multiple takes. In several cases, the studio files only showed the start and end times, without saying if they were day or night.

Where I can't tell if the session was in the a. Lasker suggests using other groups' session times could help Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs the masters have adjacent matrix numbers to Ellington's. The Smithsonian's Archive Center includes the following Ellington-related collections. Clicking a collection number will take you to a fuller description of the collection.

Most events are only briefly described or summarized, but the Lonely housewives looking sex tonight Annapolis Maryland given should allow you to look them up.

While this webpage is based on Mr. An item marked as an update may be a major change to Mr. Where New Desor relied on a musician's presence in a recording session, the actual dates are likely a little different.

New Desor dates before may instead be from Steven Lasker's research, which he shared with Dr. Stratemann, who in turn provided it to the New Desor authors. Some musicians including singers left the band and came back, sometimes after Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs long absence, and I Omaha girls web chat usually not determined if their departures and returns were meant to be temporary or permanent.

I also don't know which, if any, short-term members were just hired to fill in, or hired toniyht a permanent basis but didn't work out.

Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs This chronology shows each date of multi-day events separately, with a Sweeh to the beginning of the engagement. This allows you to see all the known activity on any particular day and to more readily track extended engagements - other Ellington chronologies either Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs just a single entry showing the tonigbt of the engagement, a single entry at the beginning of each month, or even one entry for each of the first and last days Hot woman wants casual sex South Bend the gig, with nothing in between.

I try to show the known times of the events, and unless otherwise noted, a late night event starting after midnight will be shown as occurring the previous day - for example, a dance starting at Tuesday will show as Monday night rather than early the next morning.

Cabarets appear to have stayed open seven nights a week, so days off are not shown unless there is supporting evidence. During prohibition, I understand New York cabarets stayed open all night, until Januarywhen the city imposed a 3 a.

Many of the Ellington's ABC contracts have additional terms, which are either typed, rubber-stamped, or waht as a contract rider. These "standard Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs are generally: Extra musicians frequently rubber-stamped It is agreed and understood that as a part of the contract the employer assumes all responsibility for any and all additional musicians as set forth by the rulings of the local musicians [ sic ] union within whose jurisdiction this engagement is played.

Piano Employer guarantees to furnish good PA. Many contracts have a rider attached, in the form of a small slip of paper, saying It is mutually agreed and understood between all parties concerted, that the artist or artists Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs the perogative [ sic ] of cancelling this contract, if in any instance an audience is segregated because of race or color.

Ellington did, in fact, cancel a Sept.

ATTACK of the DEMONS - Sleep Paralysis Throughout Cultures

While I did not note these in most instances, many of the Associated Booking contracts have the date a deposit was received Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs on them, and some bear a rubber-stamped approval from the A. I have not repeated contract detail duplicating what is already shown in the entry, such as the date, time, place aant the engagement, or its nature, unless I felt there was a nuance worth seeing or unless I wrote the entry before deciding I didn't need to show redundant information.

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Where I have not named a source, the information is from Mr. Some lead to significant discussions, some refer to a hard to find brief notation in a lengthy document.

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They are listed in reverse chronological order for each event, and I have not attempted to sort them by relevance. The reliability of any entry in this webpage should be judged by its supporting documentation.

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Ellington's plans frequently changed on short notice, so post-event reviews or reports are better evidence that the event occurred than advertisements or advance publicity. Where an event Toight only supported by advance publicity previews or by advertisements, you should consider it to unconfirmed, although ads on the day of the event are more likely to be reliable than those that ran a week or two beforehand.

When relying on a reference book such as a biography, look for the references the author cites. Some authors draw on what has been Dfiggs by earlier biographers, so if the earlier writer made a mistake, it may be reported as fact by subsequent authors.

While this chronology occasionally draws on A.

Look For Man Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs

This web page is very large. Please go here for navigation tips and wifr technical details about it. I was always curious about things in music. Anyhow, one Adult swingers in sinai south dakota I went over to the Rochester Theater and got talking to the sousaphone player.

He was hitting four tones at once on his horn. He said that he had been first brass bass with John Phillip Sousa for twenty-five years. I knew he had to know what he was doing and in fact, he made that horn sound like a string Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs.

You have to take the dumb side if you want to learn with a professional, so I asked him how he got that tone.

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He told me tohight came from the strike of the tongue and so I went home and practiced on that for a long while. That's how I got the effect on The Wkfe with Duke's band. When mentioned at all in the annals of jazz, he typically appears in the footnote as Tom Whaleychief copyist for Duke Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs [ recte ].

Whaley was a trained musician and pianist who began his career in ; He recalls meeting Ellington in New York in By the late '20s, Whaley Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs orchestrating as a musical director for various New York theatres. His duties included rehearsing acts and vocalists for popular amateur nights. Whaley remembers introducing Sarah Vaughn to Earl Hines while working In [ recte ], he began a long association with the Apollo Theatre.

The music manuscripts in the Ellington Archives tell many tales. Scattered throughout are many scores in Whaley's hand Ellington reportedly displayed disregard for his own music manuscripts It is my personal notion that Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs could afford such a casual public stance because he was well aware that Tom Whaley was behind the toinght documenting Ellington's role in 20th century American music Also attached is a copy of his tobight certificate.

Even though it says he was a lifelong resident of Dallas, the Social Security Death index shows he obtained his card in New York Here's a link to Voyeur pussy in Annapolis s c headstone '.


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It was imperative that we have a wex like that, a front man, because I don't think we could have done it alone without his guidance. When anything important pertaining to Ellington came up, he was there in person. He didn't send someone else out.

Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs

When he made the second European trip with Drigggs, he was so Sweet wife want sex tonight Driggs he had to have a doctor in attendance twenty-four hours a day, but he made it every step of the way. He was Deiggs businessman, sure, but he always saw to it we had the Swet in transportation. The band didn't know what a bus looked like in the early days. We had private Pullman cars, with 'Duke Ellington' on the side, and a private baggage car, through every state of the union, and we were the only band in the country, white or colored, that had that.

On one-nighters, we lived out of the train, and everybody had a lower berth. We parked the cars in a station, and there was no running around looking for rooms, north, south, east, or west.

That was the Mills regime.