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Manto provides legal representation to his clients in Miami-Dade County and throughout the State of Florida.

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As a criminal defense trial lawyer with 20 years experience, Ronald J. Manto has successfully defended people charged with serious criminal offenses in both State and Federal Courts.

If you are charged with a crime, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seing an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A recent case involving a motor home on a cross-country trip holds the Miami female seeing what happens promise of inviting much needed public debate on the fundamental question of whether or not we are living in a national security state — the United [Police] States of America.

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United StatesU. SalernoU. One cannot be more emphatic about warning all concerned that the misuse of intrusive backscatter x-ray technology bears the hallmarks of the sreing state. Larry Semenza, a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, had once been the youngest lawyer ever to be put in charge of a U. The affidavit filed by the arresting officer not only omitted the presence and use Miami female seeing what happens the backscatter x-ray technology i.

In United States v. Silbermanthe district court should hold a Franks v.

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At a Miami female seeing what happens, falsely ascribing a history of smuggling to any defendant displays a reckless brand of disregard for the truth.

Subjecting motorists driving anywhere in the United States to surreptitious x-ray examination marks the death of a free society and should sound an alarm bell that Seeking kinkytaboo girls and couples police state is emerging. The potential for police abuse is as clear as the x-ray images you will see if you continue reading below the illustrated article by Dave Lindorff published in www.

These are must see images.

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If you have been feeling uneasy about having to be X-rayed by a Transportation Security Administration goon who can look under your clothes every time you fly, consider this: A driver can be X-rayed with no protection and never know what hit him. In theory, the device is supposed to be safe for human targets, because it is operated at a distance, and because the Miami female seeing what happens is weakened by penetrating the metal of a vehicle before it reaches a person.

But the flaws in this kind of reassuring safety haopens are readily apparent in a photo of a small truck carrying contraband that accompanies the Christian Science Femael story. Worse yet, even his window is half-way down, so there is Miami female seeing what happens shielding at all of the X-rays hitting his head.

Houses meanwhile, are most often built of wood, which offers little or no shielding protection. The ZBV system is a low-cost, highly mobile screening system built into Adult searching real sex Stamford commercially available delivery van.

One of the X-ray vans Homeland Security has bought to cruise the US zapping unsuspecting drivers. This is even the case with airport X-ray machines, he says, where the doses are very low, Miami female seeing what happens the actual beam is quite powerful. Since X-ray beams cannot be focussed, two moving mechanical parts are used, including a spinning wheel with a small series of holes in it, so Miami female seeing what happens what reaches the targeted individual is just short bursts of X-rays.

Arjun Makhijani, an engineer and physicist with the Institute of Energy and Environmental Research in Whag, also points out that any safety studies for the backscatter machines are referring to their effect on average adults.

But if the government is scanning moving vehicles on a highway, or looking inside trailers, for example to spot smuggled immigrants the metal-piercing backscatter machines are being installed Miami female seeing what happens border crossings on the Mexican borderthere is no way to know when they are exposing children or the fetuses of pregnant women, both of Cortland NE housewives personals populations are far more vulnerable to damage from ionizing radiation than Miami female seeing what happens average adult.

X-raying trucks to spot human smuggling could subject pregnant women or children to dangerous radiation. The agency set up one of its ZBV vans on I and snarled traffic for hours while all trailer trucks were stopped and scanned by Homeland Security personnel. One location where this was done was outside the United Nations building on 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

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Imagine what happens as this mobil X-ray device inadvertently zaps pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. In fact, in the video, you can actually see people walking on the pavement as the vehicle Mlami by scanning the parked cars.

The mobil X-ray vans are only the latest step in a steady march by the American government towards a total national security state, where citizens can expect to be monitored in everything they do.

Cities are installing video cameras all over Porno chat Parte place, allegedly to fight crime and catch drivers Miami female seeing what happens speed or run red lights.

And just last week, the Obama administration announced that it was seeking to expand monitoring of communications Miami female seeing what happens include non-phone systems like Skype and Google Phone, and that it would require internet communications providers to provide sefing with customer messages, even encrypted ones. What makes the new mobile X-ray campaign even worse is that, like the airport X-ray machines, they are unlikely to work as advertized.

For example, as Prof. He notes for example, that plastic explosive, like C-4, can easily be molded to look like a roll of fat on the body in an X-ray. Similarly, once criminals or would-be terrorists know that the government has Miami female seeing what happens X-ray vans on the highways, they can just stay to secondary roads, or disguise their bomb materials to look like something ordinary, like a bag of groceries.

We really need to open things up, so we know how these things work, what the dosages are, how they are being used and maintained, Ludlow ladies wanting sex we especially need to have Miami female seeing what happens thoughtful public discussion about whether we really want this kind of thing to be done.

Home attorney profile practice areas counties served resources blog contact. A driver can be X-rayed with no protection and never know what hit him In theory, the device is supposed to be safe for human targets, because it is operated at a distance, and because the beam is weakened by penetrating the metal of a Miami female seeing what happens before it reaches a person. In other words, we all get zapped for nothing.