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I had always thought that country P17 was supposed Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat Woman seeking sex tonight Glendo Wyoming the value of a present-day sovereign state, to assist with searching.

I think this constraint warning is unhelpful, and if looking for ancient buildings, battle-sites, etc will make searching rather difficult. But what do people think? IMO also, if the value of the property should always be the present-day sovereign state, it should be eg United Kingdom Q rather than England Q So articles about Poland and Russia cover both concepts history of Poland talks about one and government of Poland talks about the other and items Discreet encounter Atlanta multiple "inception" dates.

Boundaries of "Poland" changed a lot since 10th century, there were also significant changes since The "contemporary" constraints often make very little sense for such broadly defined concepts.

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And this confusion is not new to Wikidata, I remember that number of people killed in Poland during World War Moobile changes drastically depending on if you consider pre or post war boundaries. A few lines above, I have suggested using qualifiers to indicate when a P17 value is for the corresponding present-day country, not a historically contemporary one.

What do people think?

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I think this is also unhelpful, and would propose to merge them. According to Reasonator, we currently have only 46 items that are instance of P31 battlefield Q [1].

In almost all cases therefore we will not have a separate item, so that would be the general expectation that searchers and queryers would expect. I don't see much value in having these as separate items.

Exceptions might be if there are sitelinks, or if there is a significant set of properties that one would want Sweetwater uck wanted clarify apply to a preserved park, rather than the full original site; but otherwise I think it is not worth going against the general rule.

I'm trying to find items near a given geographical point that are not events -- eg not 'happenings'. It used to be that I could exclude or de-prioritise items that were in the subclass tree of occurrence Q to achieve this. Notified participants of WikiProject Ontology for input -- Jheald talk It's Girld just this chain. Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat

I Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat noticing subclass relationships on general classes that Resturants in sacramento with meeting rooms do not agree with.

I've learned to just live with them, to the point that I don't even record notess remember them. If someone is interested in attempting to clean up the subclass hierarchy in Wikidata I'm motivated to participate.

My first suggestion would be to require that general classes have a much better description, with examples and counter-examples, so that at least there is some guidance as to what correct and incorrect subclass relationships are.

With the current level of documentation for general classes, it can be impossible to determine whether a subclass relationship on one of them is valid. I'm running five quickstatement batches to add descriptions to 50k CBDB people items; e. QS is Girle many many errors. Doing Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat job Ladies want sex tonight Waldo, I'm getting " Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat not save due to an error.

The save has failed. As an anti-abuse measure, you are limited from performing this action too many times in a short space of time, and you have exceeded this limit. Please try again in a few minutes. May I politely ask, what the fuck? QS is rate limited in line with wikidata's capacity to accept edits. Wikidata by its nature will be subject to large-scale serial Gurls like this.

What fresh hell has been imposed on us to frustrate these edits? chzt

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Notified participants of WikiProject Names. Wiktionary contains proper names. Why here on Wikidata they are considered items and not lexemes? Currently, there are over uses of named after Pbut only three of them are in lexemes.

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I think they should be used only for lexemes and for proper names. Why not including proper Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat in lexemes and limit the domain of these properties to lexemes? Can anybody help me to revert this edit but I only want to revert what Ffederick removed, I don't want to touch anything Jefferson City sexi girls. Or should I just manually enter the information again?

Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat want to be effective Pellegrino Preveteaka Ogoorcshere again to announce the release of the beta version of Datythe native Wikidata editor that has already been mentioned on this board last monthwhich aims to Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat Wikidata user experience for new as for old users.

This month saw a rewrite of the open entities dialogwhich first version was righteous found not much intuitive. In fact, despite the improvements, the failure of many testers in using filters, brought me to write and integrate a little manual to the program which has been made available online for windows users.

Editing has been disabled in this release, too. It will probably be activated in one of the march intermediate releases, just after references visualization will be completed.

I recently published notez issue Giirlswhich I am using as to-do manager. So, if you want to follow the work but you do not want to read the commit list you can read Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat.

I recommended current and future users to endorse the project at this page. Complete release notes have been published on my website ; bug reporting happens here. I recently buyed a used mac which should arrive mid march, so the.

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Looking forward to trying it when Ubuntu I've been asked to take a look on sequences in navigational templates, and found that there are a lot of errors. It seems like User: DeltaBot has made some changes, that not only breaks the Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat behavior, but the changes are also wrong. An item can be part of a Naked Salem Oregon girls.

It is no sequence by itself, and that is very important. It is part of a sequence.

That means the item has follows P and followed by Pand those statements points to other items in the same sequence. An item European Figure Skating Championships Q is a figure skating competition Movileit has a relation to European Figure Skating Championships Qand that might hold a sequence.

If you want to create a sequence of championships items as a list, then you put that list in European Figure Skating Championships Q Another way to formulate this is functional data for the item first, then limiting context for the functional data. Using a qualifier for the functional data creates all sorts of problems, in particular the present parser functions must nearly always be Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat with modules, which makes it really hard for small projects to use Wikidata.

This is a real mess Dennis sex dating, not sure who created the idea used for these structures as they are now.

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It is possible to write a module to hack around the problems, but it would be better to fix it on this project. I want to change all items that list field of work P as differential equation Q and make it theory of differential equations Q instead. I know there's at Free phone chat sexy Wondai one tool that allows one to do this easily and in fact I've used such a tool a while ago.

Unfortunately, Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat can't recall what that tool is! Thanks for the help everyone. I think I used an earlier version of Petscan way back when.

Is there a keyboard shortcut?

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It would have the same effect as clicking on "add statement". Notified participants of WikiProject Categories. We have certain disagreement with Brya: As far as I understand, he believes it is redundant because Category: I think that having P statements on as many Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat items as possible reflects current community consensus and simplifies both writing SPARQL queries and manual Beautiful couples looking adult dating Arkansas. We don't have to rigorously follow database normalisation Q here, some verbosity is good.

Other members of Taxonomy project were not particularly interested in this discussion, so I am trying to get opinions of wider audience here. I am wondering whether we have seen any instances of harasment or discriminatory behavior Fredsrick Wikidata. I cannot come up with a single instance. My bot made some unfortunate edits unexpected statements removed, code is now fixed so it won't happen again. They should all be on latest edit Frererick the respective item, at this moment.

Is there a tool for that? Two of them Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat already extinct, but there is Frederico to use them nevertheless.

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What is the procedure to add languages in Wikidata? I see it has just been asked. Feel free to complement, but I think the Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat question helps already!

Valfornace Q and Category: Valfornace in wikimedia commons - I ca'nt bring they together - Can someone help? Is there a standard way we show someone mobilr a candidate for an elected office without creating, say, 50 "candidate for Governor of state X" entries?

If we created the categories would it also list the winner of the election or just the losers? The inverse of parent organization P is subsidiary P What Girls in Frederick notes mobile chat the inverse of parent club P? If we don't have one, do we need one? It'a about sports teams. We can say that. I used to use has part P but P is not the inverse of parent club P